Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR)

A community-led Covid-19 response to development Finance.

In the current global pandemic, many DFI’s (development finance institutions) have strengthened their resolve in helping communities where their funded initiatives are located, especially those affected by the COVID-19 virus.

While not everything in our world is as transparent as we would like it to be, we want to extend our hand and help those communities who are most vulnerable receive the aid they need to fight, not only for their rights but; also, for their chance at surviving the current health crisis.

What do we hope to improve with our iniciative?

In context of Covid19, on a global stage, if DFI’s environmental & social safeguard policies are transparent and comply with international human rights standards, then less time and resources will be spent in modifications and delays.

What would happen if this initiative is not supported?

Affected communities that don’t receive the aid allocated to them by DFI’s and/or Government institutions face the threat of not having adequate medical supplies needed to front the pandemic.

Another outcome, would be found in the safeguards that DFIs have in place to protect indigenous communities. If communications between DFI’s and communities is non-existent than often times funded initiatives would encroach and violate the rights of these communities.

Why FORGE is important in non-financial terms?

A network of civil society partners that can help each other build a more sustainable future.

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