First slate of initiatives

Protecting Garment Workers

Remake and the Pay Up Movement, led by citizen and worker activists, are working to address the long-term impacts from the economic fall-out of declining sales on garment workers’ lives.
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A community-led COVID-19 response to Development Finance

An international effort by a collective of civil society groups from around the world to help alleviate the effects that Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), governments, and other actors have on the ever-changing landscape of vulnerable communities.
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Building online capacity for workers in a world in crisis

Workers unite so they can counterbalance the power of the corporate and political worlds and have a say on their own working conditions and the policies that impact their daily lives.
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Justice for Wage Theft

The work of this organization calls upon countries of origin and destination to urgently put in place a transitional justice mechanism that will not only secure justice for individual migrant workers but also challenge the economic actors who perpetuate systems of exploitation upon migrants.
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Standing with Garment Workers and Working for Structural Reform During COVID-19

This organization will continue supporting garment workers in securing their livelihoods and protecting their rights during the crisis created by the pandemic.
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Resourcing a Just Recovery
from COVID-19

This initiative aims to translate socioeconomic rights standards into useful tools for activists across different movements to assess current economic responses to the crisis.
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Domestic Workers Overcoming Global Pandemic: Building Strength, Democracy, and Unity around the World

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizing has become very dangerous and challenging. Support for IDWF will facilitate access to modes of collective organizing, strengthen affiliate leadership, solidify the membership base, and improve the recruitment process.
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Demanding accountability from actors benefiting from financial stimulus package funds for the impacts of their actions on the labour and human rights of workers

The main objectives of the initiative are to document the impact of stimulus packages on workers’ lives and livelihoods and conduct advocacy to ensure that businesses receiving stimulus funds are following the guidelines established by Bangladesh’s government. and promote the best practices.
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