Developing a regional campaign to promote a green, just recovery in Latin America

About the Initiative

“Developing a regional campaign to promote a green, just recovery in Latin America” is led by AIDA, an organization that seeks to implement a regional climate justice campaign in the region by uniting existing movements around climate justice and solutions that put human rights, gender, social welfare, and democracy at the center of proposals for a just recovery.

Why is now the time to act?  

Latin American governments and industries are pushing for economic recovery based on business as usual. They’re focusing on resource extraction and megaprojects that destroy our natural environment and harm the communities that best protect itrather than investing in renewable and just solutions. For example, they are looking to expand coal production in Latin America—particularly in Colombia and Mexico—instead of investing in renewable energy alternatives. Colombia lifted its moratorium on fracking in the name of economic recovery and cheap energy, ushering in investment in fracking infrastructure and setting a dangerous precedent across the region. 

What is your vision of change for the global economy with this initiative? 

We need more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and climate commitments from Latin American governments to include concrete reduction of emissions from oil, gas, and coal extraction and use, indirectly engendering renewable and sustainable energy investment. There are currently two countries where we need to act to prevent the expansion of coal: Colombia and Mexico. We need to maintain the ban on fracking in Colombia—preventing the development of industry and government “pilot projects” seeking tcircumvent the judicial moratorium—and extend the ban to Mexico and Argentina (or at least delay these projects for as long as possible) to prevent the expansion of fracking infrastructure, and thus dependency on gas in the region.  For this, it is key to halt the approval of new coal power plants and the extension of coal mines in Colombia, as well as to challenge the limits on renewable energy that would increase the use of coal and gas for energy in Mexico. 

How do you plan to leverage RVF support?

We look forward to the Learning, Monitoring, and Evaluation support that the Fund provides because we think it will help us identify what opportunities exist for systemic transformation on a larger scale. Thereforewe are eager to collaborate with other RVF partners, where applicable, to help strengthen and amplify our common messaging.

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