Building online capacity for workers in a world in crisis

About the Initiative

“Building online capacity for workers in a world in crisis” by the International Trade Union Confederation to strengthen the collective organization and voice of workers in regions across the world to act as a counterbalance to corporate power and interests, to hold governments accountable to workers and their communities, and to shape the terms of work and policies that impact their daily lives.  ITUC will continue to represent workers’ interests in international bailouts and recovery packages and equip trade unions to incorporate and utilize technology and online platforms for the purposes of organizing workers in the new context of COVID 19 and beyond.

Why is now the time to act?     

“We are experiencing a decrease in workers’ power, creating a democratic imbalance on national and global levels. There is currently a slowdown in unions’ efforts to address equity issues (such as violence on the work floor) and sustainability issues (such as a just transition). We cannot fail in the opportunity to include workers’ views in the development of a response to the pandemic.”

What is your vision of change for the global economy with this initiative?

“Through building capacity for workers, we believe we can advance the quality of democracy, as strong trade unions have an important impact on equity and democracy through social dialogue. This is also crucial for improving health and safety standards, as it will enable trade unions to identify challenges related to the pandemic and formulate proposals for solutions, such as measures to protect workers while keeping the economy going.

Finally, the initiative seeks to guarantee decent work by promoting systemic change that will shape a just and inclusive future and lead to a more balanced and sustainable economy. We aim to create stronger trade unions that are able to protect workers’ rights, address issues of inequality, and defend just wages, pensions, and health benefits for typical workers. Strong and responsible unions lead to a stable economy with employees covered by collectively bargained contracts.”

How do you plan to leverage RVF support?

“We want to learn how new forms of collaboration can help us achieve systems change and to amplify our discussions for increasing the impact of our trainings and projects. Inputs on the experience from RVF members on civic technology, for instance, could directly improve the results of our work.”

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