Debt justice in times of COVID-19 and multiple crises

About the Initiative

“Debt justice in times of COVID-19 and multiple crises,” led by Latindadd, a network of 23 civil society organizations in 13 Latin American countries. Their objective is to address capacity building and advocacy work towards expanded and extended debt relief and restructuring, with emphasis on a legal framework for private lenders. They also promote debt sustainability assessment with a 2030 Agenda approach.

Why is now the time to act?     

Right now, we are seeing that efforts to reduce debt service ratios have been prioritized over social investment. This puts progress towards the 2030 Agenda at risk. We have to ensure that debt lenders’ interests are not put ahead of human rights and dignity

What is your vision of change for the global economy with this initiative?

Inclusive and fair recovery for all, along with a reduction of the debt burden for developing countries and a strong financial system that contributes to the SDGs.  

How do you plan to leverage RVF support?

“We look forward to working togetherexchanging ideas, and finding synergies with other RVF grantees interested in debt that organizations . 

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