COVID-19/Mining Nexus: Global Allies Monitoring Group

About the Initiative

“COVID-19/Mining Nexus: Global Allies Monitoring Group” is an initiative led by MiningWatch Canada, a founding member of the COVID-19/Mining Nexus Global Allies Monitoring Group. The group was formed in March 2020 in response to situations emerging around the pandemic. The group seeks to foster sustainable local economies and provide a space where civil society organizations and local communities can build international support for urgent actions.

Why is now the time to act?     

“Left unchecked, the mining and extractive sector’s dominance of economic policy will expand precisely at a time when it needs to be curtailed in order to address the crises of climate, biodiversity, and global inequality. In particular, mining communities working to build sustainable futures will suffer increased repression and marginalization in the face of mining interests, while those with limited options — such as mineworkers or mine-affected communities — will continue to suffer disproportionately from the pandemic and its economic fall-out.”

What is your vision of change for the global economy with this initiative?

Healthy and resilient communities and workers are better able to contribute to a sustainable future; open and democratic political spaces facilitate the discussion and development of sustainable and equitable economies. Through these efforts, sustainable local economies can flourish – a critical element in addressing the above-mentioned crises.

How do you plan to leverage RVF support?

We look forward to RVF supporty in building contacts and communications networks with allies in different parts of the world.

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