Demanding accountability from actors benefiting from financial stimulus package funds for the impacts of their actions on the labour and human rights of workers

About the Initiative

“Holding corporate actors benefitting from financial stimulus package funds to account for the impact of their actions on the labor and human rights of workers” by Shojag Coalition to generate evidence of the impact of stimulus package funds on workers lives and livelihoods, and advocacy to ensure that the stimulus received by factories are following the conditions established by the Bangladesh government and promote best practices.

Why is now the time to act?     

There is a need to act urgently because ready-made garment (RMG) workers are at risk of layoffs, as they have largely been left out of government stimulus packages. Even in cases where they have been included in stimulus packages, there is a real risk that these funds, without proper oversight, will be misappropriated by RMG factory owners.

What is your vision of change for the global economy with this initiative?

We aspire to increase corporate accountability, whereby the corporate sector responds to workers’ rights and needs. In order to achieve this vision, we need to establish collaborative working relationships between civil society and the corporate sector.

How do you plan to leverage RVF support?

The fund is supporting our communication needs and helping to improve our social capital by linking us with similar initiatives that are also pursuing the fund’s objectives.

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